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The Russian Museum

Phone Number: +970 2 2323007 or +970 595076143
Email: nadia.abulatif@gmail.com
City Center, Jericho

The Russian Museum and Park Complex in Jericho is situated in the so called "Joseph Land Plot" which has belonged to Russia since 1883. Between 2010-2011, by edict of D.A. Medvedev, the former president of the Russian Federation, archaeological excavations were carried out and a museum was built.

The Russian Museum focuses on several subjects. The first is "Russia in the Holy Land," including photographic material and copies of items from the Hermitage Museum in Russia. The second is Byzantine Jericho on the basis of findings from the 1st-18th century BC. Third, there is an exhibition on Islamic and Roman times including coins found in the excavation of the site. Finally, there is the huge Sycamore Tree on the plot of land that is over 2000 years old and mentioned in the Holy Bible.

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