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Phone Number: Halhul Municipality: +970 2 2229936 / 2228167 or public service center: +970 599200619
Main Road, Halhul, Hebron

Halhul located 7 km north of Hebron, and 30 km from Jerusalem, the village of Halhul spans an area of about 165 acres, sitting at an altitude 997 meters above sea level. Halhul is the highest inhabited point in the whole of Palestine. The larger area surrounding Halhul totals 39,000 acres and includes agricultural lands and ancient ruins. The climate is mild with an average annual temperature of 15 degrees, and an average annual rainfall of 500mm. The original ancient village of Halhul, founded by the Canaanites, is derived from a Canaanite word meaning "to tremble (from the cold)".

According to Jewish, Christian, and Muslim medieval traditions, the graves of the biblical prophets Gad and Nathan are located in Halhul. Another Muslim tradition places Jonah's grave in the town. The burial sites, formerly designated on the list of Holy Places, are now under control of the Palestinian Authority.

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