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Tel Rumeida

Phone Number: +970 2 9965333
Email: info@hebron.com
Opening Hours: Daily; 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Note: Entrance to the Tel Rumeida Archaeological Site is only available from Tel Rumeida Israeli settlement, through Al Shuhada Street. Passport & ID verification check is needed before entering the site. Some parts of the archaeological site are still under excavation and it may not be possible to see or to visit them.

Tel Rumeida is located on a slope descending eastward from Jebel Rumeida, west of today’s old city center. The hill is under Israeli control (H2), and protrudes into a populated Palestinian area. Most of the area is agricultural land featuring fruit trees, particularly olive trees. Several Palestinian homes are located at the top of the hill.

An excavation in the spring of 2014 on the site revealed remains of structures and facilities from the early Roman period (1st century BC –1st century AD), the Byzantine period (4th-7th century AD), and agricultural terraces from recent centuries. Two structures on the site have been identified as ritual baths. An ancient city wall from the Middle Bronze Age (18th-16th centuries BC) had already been discovered in the 1980s at the edge of the site. This wall was excavated once again by the Israel Antiquities Authority from May-June 2014.

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