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Coptic Convent & Church of St. Mary

» » » » Coptic Convent & Church of St. Mary
Phone Number: +970 2 2747733 / +970 598589357
Opening Hours: There are no specific opening hours, but the site can be visited by ringing the bell or contacting the nuns ahead of time.
Milk Grotto Street, Bethlehem

The Coptic Convent - In Palestine, the Coptic community flourished during the Mameluke period (1250-1517), and again during the reign of Sultan Mohammed Ali in 1830. Since the 13th century, the Coptic Patriarch of Alexandria has been represented in Jerusalem by a resident Archbishop.

Right in the middle of Milk Grotto Street is the Coptic Convent and Orthodox Church of St. Mary. The Church is located in a natural cave. There are two nuns that take care of these sites. They also create and sell a variety of hand-made crafts including beautifully hand-painted Coptic and Byzantine icons, women's scarves, Deacon’s garments (tonia), and more.

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