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Rana Salman
Primary #: +972-598-906-345
Landline #: 972-227-56973
Mobile #: 972-568-732285
Private Car: Yes

Born in Jerusalem, Rana Salman, the co-founder of Saint George Tours has lived over 30 years in Bethlehem. Observing the millions of guests to Bethlehem who would visit the Church of Nativity and wander in the unique souvenir shops of Bethlehem, Rana realized that many of them left without meeting the living stones. That’s when she decided to become a tour guide to offer visitors an authentic experience through an alternative tour in which they can engage with the locals and make a contribution to the community. For her studies, Rana attended Bethlehem University and the Bethlehem Bible College. She is also a professional translator and a free-lance writer. Rana is one of the local tour guides and she feels lucky to be a Bethlehemite!