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First,let me introduce myself to you.My name is James Abedrabbo living in Jericho,and I am a General Tour Guide in English and French languages. I’ve got my license since the year 2000.I’ve a BA in Theology, a Tour Guide Diploma,in addition to a Diplom  in Catechism. I have more than twenty years work experience in many places,where it gave me a rich experience.

Since I got my license I worked with many groups,and I am devoting my self to workfully in the tourism field where I feel more myself. Permit me my dear friends to offer you my services as a General Tour Guide.

Experience has taught me how to build strong relationships with people. I have a good biblical background which gives me the ability to guide the English and French speaking groups anywhere in the Holy Land from south to north. The Holy Land is a treasure by itself, where it offers you a variety of options. If you like to be in the places where the biblical accounts occurred you are welcome to have unforgettable pilgrimage to walk in the footsteps of the fathers, prophets, and Jesus Christ. In addition to the rich history of the land you can also experience the nature of this extraordinary land by skiing on Mount Hermon, have a special experience in floating in the dead sea water, in addition to experience the traditions of the land, the people, the food, and the special Bedouin culture. We are here seeking your satisfaction. So if you need any help or any service please don’t hesitate to contact me.