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Hijazi Eid ( Halayqa )
Primary #: 00972-599- 523- 844
Landline #: 059-952-3844
Private Car: Yes

Hijazi Eid is a Palestinian tour guide and travel consultant with a deep love for his homeland, its people, its culture, and its land. He has an intimate understanding and knowledge of its history. Hijazi operates according to the principles of responsible tourism, tourism that supports the creation of economic opportunities for the local community, a positive cultural exchange between guest and host through one-on-one interaction, and the protection of the environment. He combines historical and religious knowledge with a firm grasp of the political situation and a strong belief that travel encourages tolerance and breaks down prejudice. Hijazi plans and conducts tours in Palestine: trekking, hiking, city tours, tours of holy and historical sites, desert and valley walks. Programs are specially designed to meet the needs of individuals or groups whether they be study groups, fact-finding missions, documentary film crews, heads of state, researchers, journalists, writers, church groups, or individuals seeking a unique experience. Encounters may be arranged with Palestinians and Israelis, including local people, artisans, community leaders, government officials, political figures, and academics. Accommodations are offered in Palestinian homes and Bedouin tents, which offer guests an opportunity to experience local life, interact with families, and enjoy traditional Palestinian food and hospitality. Hijazi Eid has worked as a professional tour guide and consultant since 1998. He holds degrees in business administration and tourism from Bethlehem University and certificates in tourism management and general tour guiding from the Ministry of Tourism. Hijazi will help you design an itinerary suited to your needs and interests and he’ll work with you to resolve logistical problems. He will guide you through every step of your life-altering experience in Palestine.