The Palestinian telecommunication industry is quite advanced, efficient and reliable. Currently PalTel the only telecommunication company operating in Palestine and provide state-of-the-art technology and advanced services throughout the Palestinian communities.

Public Telephones:

Public card-operated phones can be found throughout most of the larger cities, towns and tourist destinations across Palestine and the calling cards themselves are easy to purchase locally in most supermarkets and convenience stores.
Internet Services: Internet connectivity and internet cafes are found in all major Palestinian towns and cities. Some hotels also offer wireless fast speed internet connectivity for visitors.

Mobile phone services: There are two world class mobile operators working in Palestine. Jawwal Mobile ( with a prefix 059. The second mobile carrier is Wataniya Mobile ( with a prefix 056.

Local Dialing Codes & Emergency Numbers:

Jerusalem 02
Bethlehem 02
Ramallah 02
Beit Sahour 02
Beit Jala 02
Hebron 02
Jericho 02
Jenin 04
Qalqilya 04
Gaza City 08
Nablus 09
Tulkarem 09