Taxi & Public Transportation

Taxis are widely available in all Palestinian cities, and are a popular choice of public transportation. Fares are negotiable. West Bank blue and green license plates are not permitted to enter Jerusalem. Israeli operated taxis (with yellow plates) may enter the West Bank and Gaza Strip at the driver’s discretion. If the driver declines it is easy to transfer to a Palestinian taxi at the checkpoint.

An inexpensive alternative are Service Taxis. These are usually vans which operate on a fixed route for a fixed price just like a bus. If uncertain about the fare, just ask a fellow passenger. Regular rates are normally about 20% more than the bus. Most of them travel between towns and cities from recognized taxi ranks, departing when they are full.

This might involve waiting for six other passengers but the system is very popular and delays are very rare. Passengers can get out anywhere along the way, but you pay the same fair regardless. After dropping off a passenger, a replacement passenger is picked up when possible.

East Jerusalem and neighboring Ramallah, Bethlehem andother West bank towns are connected through a special public transportation network. The white & Green or white and blue minibuses operator fixed lines.

The schedule of these bus lines starts 0600 to 2200, their frequency varies between 5-15 minutes according to the time in the day. During the morning hours until 15:00 they run usually every 5 minutes. Tickets cost varies from regular to checkpoint only or beyond, to youth, or seniors, in addition to one-way and return.