Study in Palestine

There are several excellent universities in Palestine. Some universities such as Bethlehem University offer accredited programs for International exchange students. So whether you looking to complete an accredited semester in Palestine or just want to take some language or cooking courses, this section should help you navigate your options to study in Palestine.

Bethlehem University is a Catholic Christian co-educational institution of higher learning founded in 1973 in the Lasallian tradition, open to students of all faith traditions. Bethlehem University, the first university established in the West Bank, can trace its roots to 1893 when the De La Salle Christian Brothers opened schools in Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Jaffa, Nazareth, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt. Beginning with 112 students during its first year, the enrolment of the University increased steadily, establishing a record high enrollment of 3,054 in the Fall 2009 semester. Bethlehem University is a member of the Association of Arab Universities, the Arab Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admission Officers, the International Federation of Catholic Universities, and other international higher education associations.

Academic Programs

Although at the present time, no degree programs are available for students who do not have some command of the Arabic language, Bethlehem University offers a number of courses every semester (Fall, Spring, and Summer) that are taught in the English language. These courses are open to international students either for credit or on an audit basis. Local students sign up for these courses as part of their regular programs. There is usually a mixture of local and international students in these courses. Additionally, Arabic courses as well as courses on Palestinian history and culture are offered to non-Arabic speakers.

Committed to excellence and encourage creativity, experimentation, innovation, accomplishment as well as team work and democratic practices anchored in pluralism, freedom of expression and respect for others.

The University endeavors to excel in higher education, scientific research, and service to the community. Since its establishment, the University has remained committed to providing equal learning opportunities to qualified individuals and to prepare students to become good citizens active in their society and committed to its advancement and well-being.
The University provides the appropriate environment for students to develop their personalities and realize their potentials in an open and liberal atmosphere that stresses the Arab-Islamic heritage.”

The Palestinian Arabic Studies Program:

The Palestine and Arabic Studies (PAS) Program is an academic program at Birzeit University that offers international students the opportunity to combine the study of the Arabic language with social science courses about Palestine and the Arab World. International students carry out their studies while experiencing first-hand the political and social realities on the ground. For more information about studying at Birzeit University, please visit

An-Najah National University is a vibrant hub of learning which nourishes science, knowledge and understanding. An-Najah offers undergraduate instruction in the fields of Medicine, Engineering, Humanities, Social Sciences and the Natural Sciences, as well as numerous courses of graduate study in Humanities and the Social Sciences. Today, as the largest University in the West Bank, An-Najah educates over 20,000 students and is home to 19 Faculties offering numerous undergraduate and graduate specializations.

Special Programs for International Students: An-Najah University offer several opportunities for international students. For more information, please contact For more information please contact our office by email at: or visit .

Programs include:

Peace, Justice and Conflict Resolution Semester Study Abroad Program: Learn about the intricate balances between politics and religion, culture, economics, and human rights with field studies on peace, justice, and conflict resolution. The West Bank will become a living classroom as students engage inside and outside the classroom sharing their ideas, traveling to important parts of the country; visiting historically significant sites, refugee camps, villages, holy sites, and more. Students will also have the opportunity to create a positive impact in their new host community through a variety of volunteer activities related to social development, agriculture, and environmental protection. 15 credits. For more information visit Facebook: Palestine: Peace, Justice and Conflict Resolution Program.
Internship Program: Internships for those who have recently graduated or are near the completion of their studies. Interns at An-Najah are expected to fully utilise their collegiate knowledge and familiarity with the English language. From corresponding and greeting international guests and dignitaries, to document preparation and the possibility to teach classes, the International Office at An-Najah National University seeks to improve the institution and the individuals who engage in working here.

Volunteer Opportunities: An-Najah is proud to offer volunteer placements across the university faculties and departments. Volunteers for An-Najah can assist in numerous outreach programs to the community and academic roles. The University offers multiple volunteer programs on campus, particularly in the International Relations office and the Public Relations Office. The Public Relations volunteer program, titled Zajel, places volunteers in direct interaction with students through workshops and training seminars.

Study Abroad: An-Najah is pleased to offer courses and degree programs for international students seeking to expand their cultural and academic knowledge. We offer cutting edge programs on sustainable agricultural and infrastructure development, where we are forging new ground in water sanitation, distribution and clean energy. Our Humanities and social sciences departments also offer international students first-hand experience and cultural immersion in this ancient region. Our fine arts programs and graphic design courses integrate modern facilities with classical forms from the 3,000 years of human civilization that surround us.

Note: Please be aware that while An-Najah is a licensed and accredited international university, certain institutions may have discrepancies when interpreting credit hours and applying them to domestic programs. We strongly encourage potential students to discuss this matter with their current University Registrar’s Office or academic advisory group.

For those interested in studying Arabic during their stay in Palestine, there are several institutions and tutors that provide different levels of Arabic courses.

Check out the respective website below to find out which courses are taking place your visit.

The Center for Jerusalem Studies

Al-Quds University
Khan Tankaz, Suq Al-Qattanin,
The Old City
P.O Box 51000 Jerusalem
Tel: + 02-6287517
Fax: + 02-6284920

Arabic Made Easy

Bethlehem / Ramallah / Hebron, Palestine
Mobile :- 05 98417653 (Jawwal)
Mobile :- 05 68200989 (Wattinaya)

Scholarship for Training and University Services

Greek Orthodox Bldg – 1st Floor
AsSahel St, Ramallah, Palestine
Telefax: +970 (2) 2986515

Useful Phrases to get you started:


General Terms… the basics
I Ana
You (m) Inta
You (f) Inti
We Ihna
He Houweh
She Hiyeh
They Houmeh
Yes Na’am
No Laa
Please Min fadlak (to a man)
Min fadlik (to a woman)
Thank you Shukran
You’re welcome Afwan
Hello Marhaba
Goodbye Ma’asalameh
What is your name? Shoo ismek?
Please Lao samaht
Excuse me ‘An iznek
What time is it? Edesh el sa’aa?
How much? Addeysh?
I don’t speak Arabic Ana laa ahkee Arabee
One Waahid
Two Tinain
Three Talaateh
Four Arba’a
Five Khamseh
Six Sitteh
Seven Sab’a
Eight Tamenyeh
Nine Tis’a
Ten ‘Ashra
Left Shmaal
Right Yameen
Straight Dughree
Phase – English Arabic Response
Good morning SabaH ‘el khair Saba ‘el Nour
Good afternoon Masa’a ‘el khair. Masa’a ‘el Nour
Peace be upon you As Salam ‘alaykom Wa ‘alaykom as Salam
Goodnight (m) TisbaH ‘ala khair Discount:
Item #3 Description Wa inta khair
Goodnight (f) TisbaHi ‘ala khair Wa inti khair
How are you? (m) Keef halak Al Hamdulillah
How are you? (f) Keef halek Al Hamdulillah
Congratulations Mabrook ‘Alla ybarek feek (feeky – f)
Hello Marhaba. Marhaba, keef halak (halek -f)
Welcome Ahlan wa sahlan or Ahlan Ahlan beek
Goodbye Ma’a salaama Ma’a salaama
Thank you Shukran Afwan