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Ramallah Vicinity private tour

$105.00 per person

Ramallah is surrounding by some of Palestine best landscapes and rural communities. This tour explores several villages and towns in the area. More off the beaten track, the tour is provides an excellent opportunity to experience Palestnian hospitality and rural life. For more details on this tour click here.

Please note that the above price is per person. For private tour we require a minimum of 4 participants. Otherwise, you will be obliged to pay the full rate of $360 for the tour. Furthermore, and in order to confirm your booking, you will be charged a non-refundable fee of 15% upon tour confirmation. Remaining balance should be paid to the tour operators at beginning of your tour. Upon confirmation, you will receive a confirmation email with the contact details of your tour operator.

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Ramallah Vicinity private tour

Introduction & Briefing Ramallah Vicinity private tour : Short Orientation and distribution of relevant literature

  • Beitin: Beitin is located 3 km northeast of Ramallah. This small village was once an important Cannanite city-state of the rank as Shechem (Nablus), Kiryat Arba (Hebron) and Megiddo. The modern name is clearly a drivaton from the Biblical name Bethel, meaning “House of god”. Highlights: Tell, Tower of Beitin, Water System, Roman Pool, Ancient Mosque, Khirbat al Maqatir
  • Ai/Deir Dibwan: The historical Mountain of Tel al-Tal and the site of Ai are located in the modern village of Dair Dibwan 5 km east of Ramallah. Biblical tradition holds that Joshua burned the city of Ai and it turned it into a heap of ruins forever. Highlights: Tell al-Ai/ancient city walls, Acropolis Palace, Village center
  • Jifna: Jifna is located 8 km north of Ramallah. This small scenic village lies on the old Roman road connecting Jerusalem to Nablus, and it was once a major Roman/Byzantine city and regional capital. On our way we will pass the village of Birzeit and it’s University. Highlights: Byzantine Church, Crusader Fortress, Ancient Oil press, Spring of Mary
  • Birzeit: Located some 4 km north of Ramallah is Birzeit. The village gained international reputation through Birzeit University, which is the oldest University in Palestine. The origins of the village date to Roman-Byzantine periods. Highlights include Khirbat Birzei – Byzantian Site, Latin Church, Old and new Campus.
  • Aboud: Aboud is located 25 km northwest of Ramallah. It is the only village in the region in which Christians settled and remained for centuries. Arab Muslim families came to the village during the Ayyubid and Mamluk dynasties 12-13th century. The Old village center of Aboud has numerous historical buildings. Highlights: Church of Saint Mary, Monastery of St. Barbara
  • Shuqba: is about 25 km west of Ramallah. Shuqba is famous for its paliolithic cave in Wadi al-Natuf. Highlights:Shuqba Cave & Wadi al-Natuf.


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