Bath Decor

///Bath Decor
  • Olive Branch Soap Dish
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    This ceramic soap dish features the hand-painted image of the olive branch, traditionally associated with Palestine. The set also includes a bar of locally made olive oil soap.
  • Embroidered Toilet Paper Holder
    Hand-embroidered by a cooperative of women from the Bethlehem area, the holder features intricate traditional Palestinian embroidery designs. It can hold three rolls of toilet paper and has a round wooden hook for hanging.
  • Olivewood Soap Dish
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    Natural olivewood soap dish made from the trimmings of local Bethlehem area olive trees. Because of the nature of olivewood, each dish will be unique in the color of the wood itself as well as the grains running through.
  • Ceramic Soap Dish
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    This rectangular ceramic soap dish is produced by one of the oldest ceramic and glass makers in Hebron. It features a handpainted light blue finish.