farah bseiso

Farah Bseiso

Personal Info

Farah Bseiso is a well-known actress in Arab TV networks.

Years in active : From 1993 To Present
Country of resident : Egypt
City : Cairo
Gender : Female
Date of birth : 5/4/1965



She was born in Kuwait, and began his career in Syria. She graduated from the Institute of Performing Arts and participated in several Syrian series. She is married to an Egyptian man, the son of her uncle and has two daughters, and lives currently with her husband in Cairo. In addition to her work as an actress she is currently working as a broadcaster in the program (Kalam Nawaem) on MBC channel.

Achievements and Awards


  • Zeer Salem
  • Jawareh
  • Katl al-rabie’
  • Cliopetra
  • Al ghadr
  • Al-mahkoum
  • Spot light
  • Kaws kozah
  • Al-rajol seen
  • Al-raheel
  • Maraya 1988
  • Darwish

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