Does Palestine Have Good Casinos?

Palestinian Casino

Palestinians enjoy gambling. And since gambling has a very high probability of attracting tourists they know where to find good casinos - at

Jericho is a good casino for Palestinians

A $150 million resort complex with a casino, hotels, golf course, and restaurants is in the works in the West Bank city of Jericho. The Palestinian Authority, which has controlled the city since 1994, hopes to attract thousands of tourists to the city for the potential casino. It also hopes to generate new tax revenue.

While the Palestinian Authority has no qualms about taking Israeli money, it still won't allow Palestinians to gamble there. This ban is partly designed to appease Islamist clerics, but is also common sense. Casino gambling can only flourish in a peaceful environment.

A casino in the West Bank was the biggest investment project ever undertaken in the West Bank. It employed 1,000 people and attracted thousands of Israeli tourists every day. Critics were quick to dismiss the project, but the PA leadership refused to listen to the criticism. The PA governor of the Jordan Valley and Jericho, Jihad Abu al-Asal, has not been consulted about the project.

The city of Jericho was once part of Mandatory Palestine after World War I. Eventually, a $150 million casino hotel was built there with the backing of Yasser Arafat. Unfortunately, the project is no longer open. Jericho's main source of income is Christian tourism, and the city also has a number of Christian pilgrimage sites.

Online poker isn't licensed in Palestine

Although online poker has exploded in the Middle East, the Middle Eastern country has not yet legalized poker sites. If you're from Palestine and you want to play poker, you'll have to find a legal site to do it. There are several good alternatives for Palestinian players, including poker at

Unlike the Israeli-occupied West Bank, Palestine has its own laws regarding gambling. It is illegal to operate a casino or poker room in Palestine, and Palestinians are not interested in gambling on their own land. In addition, they're not comfortable traveling to Palestinian territory to gamble. Therefore, they'd rather play in Israeli-owned casinos instead.

Cryptocurrencies are a popular payment method in Palestine

Blockchain technology has many uses in the Palestinian market and can be used to help facilitate intra-business arrangements. One such application is Smart Contracts, which are self-executing agreements that increase the level of trust in economic transactions. In recent years, dishonored cheques have been a major problem, costing billions of dollars and affecting intra-business relations. Smart Contract technology can help prevent dishonored cheques and ensure that payment commitments are honored.

Another potential benefit of a digital currency in Palestine is that it could eliminate the dependency on the Israeli shekel, which was the Palestinian currency prior to the 1967 war. It could also help the Palestinian economy by making it more independent. In addition to removing the reliance on the shekel, a digital currency would also help the Palestinian people make trade deals with other nations. This could open up a new market for the country and provide a way to avoid the Israeli army controlling trade with the West Bank.

In addition, Palestinians are increasingly using cryptocurrency as a payment method. In the Gaza Strip, crypto has become a popular payment option. While they are limited in what they can purchase, they can cash out their currency for a US dollar or a Jordanian dinar if they need to. But they cannot upload their own local currencies onto crypto exchanges because none of the major crypto exchanges operate with local banks.


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