About Open Bethlehem:


OPEN BETHLEHEM’s vision is to see Bethlehem without the Israeli Wall stifling its population. We want Bethlehem to continue to be an open city, existing as a home to ancient and diverse communities and a beacon and model for the region. Our vision for Bethlehem is to see it as a thriving Palestinian centre with a prosperous spiritual, cultural and commercial life that is a source of pride to Palestinian culture and aspirations.

For more information about the Open Bethlehem Campaign and Movie, please visit www.openbethlehem.org .


As Visit Palestine, we are pleased to partner with and support “Open Bethlehem”.  In addition to our online travel guide, we are ready to help you plan and organize your tour to Bethlehem and across Palestine.


Our office is located less than 200 meter from Manger Square. Our Tourist Information Office is ready to provide any assistance so feel free to stop by our center and enjoy our outdoor Boutique Gift Shop and Outdoor Cafe and Restaurant.

The Open Bethlehem Tour:

Together with Open Bethlehem, we are equally proud to put together the “Open Bethlehem Tour” . Our tour takes you off the beaten track as you explore Bethlehem from multiple dimensions. The tour includes walking tours inside Bethlehem’s old historic quarters including UNESCO protected Star Street and Church of Nativity.  You will also experience Palestine’s outdoor landscapes as you hike in Battir  and then enjoy a traditional meal at the community center. Other attractions include the Mar Saba Monastery, the Solomon’s Pools and the Village of Artas.  The tour will also introduce you to the political and socioeconomic situation in Bethlehem. From stops along the Separation Wall to visits and meeting with locals at one of the refugee Camps, the tour will help you better understand the multilayered life of Palestinian in general and Bethlehemites in particular.

We will running the two day “Open Bethlehem Tour” on the following dates: 12&13 Nov., 26&27 Nov., 10&11 Dec. and 22&23 Dec. 2016.

We will also be announcing several longer trips to Palestine (7 nights and 8 days) in the coming weeks.


Open Bethlehem Two Day Tour:

Day 1:   Arrive to Bethlehem . Meeting and orientation at the Visit Palestine Center. 

– Visit Aida Refugee Camp

– Walk along the separation wall

– Bethlehem Museum (optional)

– Visit Manger Street & the Nativity Church

– Lunch

– Walk in the Old town of Bethlehem and explore its hidden quarters and attractions

Day 2:    Arrive to Bethlehem. Quick Orientation at the Visit Palestine Center.

– Quick tour through Beit Jala on your way to the village of Battir.

– Hiking in Battir followed by Lunch at the Battir Community Center

– Afternoon:

o   Option 1:

  • Mar Saba Monastery
  • Continue to Beit Sahour and visit Shepherds’ Field

o   Option 2:

  • Solomon’s Pools
  • Village of Artas


About the Open Bethlehem Movie: