would like to encourage registration of flora and fauna species observed in Palestine. For that purpose, there has been created an international and user friendly website and mobile device application “” that is already extensively used by the Palestine Wildlife Society.


Volunteers, researchers and scientists do a lot of fauna and flora field observations. Including these data into a global digital system creates a powerful tool for conservation, research, policy, experience and education. With Observation International wants to offer a practical and useful, free tool for all field observers around the world to record and share their plant and animal sightings.



Observation International provides the site with many regional aliasses and apps for mobile devices: ObsMapp (Android), iObs (iOS) and WinObs (Windows).



Observation International focuses specifically on observers who attach importance to registering their observations in a politically independent manner. Observation International is a nonprofit organization without lucrative purpose.

The main objective of International Observation is the optimum facilitation of observers in order to make their nature experience even more valuable. As a foundation, Observation International wishes to involve as many local communities as possible in its activities. Doing so, they respect the rights and achievements of these communities, observers and researchers.

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Here can be seen a screenshot of the latest observations registered in Palestine:



Learn more about Palestine’s flora and fauna:

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