The Kautokeino Rebellion (Norway, 2008) ثورة الكواتوكينو ( النرويج , 2008)

2008 / 96 min / Drama
Director: Nils Gaup
DVD (English and Arabic subtitles)


For centuries the windswept mountain plateau of northern Scandinavia has been inhabited by the native Sami population and their reindeers. But modernisation is about to enter the desolate village of Kautokeino where the authority is held by the prosperous and ruthless liquor dealer Ruth (Mikael Persbrandt). One of the native tribes, led by the young woman Elen (Anni-Kristiina Juuso), refuses to pay their unjust debt to Ruth. Without a trial, Ruth manages to imprison most of Elens tribe, leaving Elen alone to take care of the reindeers. Elen gets help to set up a trial in which the men are released, but Ruth claims ownership of the tribes reindeers to cover the cost of the trial. Losing the basis of their lives, Elen and her tribe have little choice but to oppose to Ruth’s claim, leading to one of the most dramatic episodes in northern Scandinavian history.

تدخل الحداثة إلى قرية الكواتوكينو المهجورة. تقاوم الفتاة الشابة إيلين و قبيلتها الإدعاءات المتعلقة بدين ظالم,
هذه المقاومة تؤدي إلى واحدة من أكثر الفترات مأساوية في تاريخ الشمال الاسكندينافي .(18+)


Rafiki (Norway, 2009) رفيقي ( النرويج ,2009)

2009 / 79 min/ Children
Director: Christian Lo
DVD (English and Arabic subtitles)


Julie, Mette and Naisha are best friends. They make snowball fights with the boys, race down steep hills on a sledge, and are looking forward to Christmas. One day, Naisha suddenly vanishes, and no one knows where she and her mother have ended up. With no other clue than an address written in invisible ink, Julie and Mette sneak onto the night train bound for the big city. Will they ever manage to get their best friend back? The problem is only that Julie’s dad is a policeman; that Julie and Mette are only nine years old, that Oslo is a long way from home, and that Christmas is approaching.

تختفي نايشا فجأة ولا يعلم أحد بمكانها ولا بمكان والدتها. لا وجود لدليل سوى عنوان مكتوب بحبر غير مرؤي.يتسلل رفاقها متجهين
نحو المدينة الكبيرة. (10+)


Fighter (Denmark, 2009) المقاتلة ( الدنمارك , 2009 )

2009/ 97 min
Director: Natasha Arthy
DVD (English + Arabic subtitles)


Aïcha, a high-school student, is a passionate kung fu fighter. Her Turkish parents expect her to get good grades so she can get into medical school, like her brother Ali. But school doesn’t inspire her. Defying her family, Aïcha starts secretly training at a professional, co-ed kung fu club. A boy, Emil, helps Aïcha train for the club championship and they fall in love. But the rules of life are not as simple as the rules of kung fu, and Aïcha is forced to decide who she is and what she wants.

عائشة هي مقاتلة كنغ فو متحمسة. يتوقع أبويها الأتراك أن تحصل على درجات جيدة تأهلها لدخول كلية الطب. لكن الكلية ليست
الأمر الذي يستهويها . متحديةً عائلتها , تبدأ عائشة تدريباً سرياً في نادي محترف للكنغ فو.(14+)


We shall overcome (Denmark, 2006) سوف ننتصر ( الدنمارك ,2006 )

2006/ 105 min
Director: Niels Arden Oplev
DVD (English + Arabic subtitles)


Thirteen year-old Frits has fallen out of favour with the headmaster of his provincial school. The year is 1969. The world is changing rapidly and corporal punishment has been banned. The tyrannical headmaster, however, hasn’t bothered to notice. Frits spends his summer holidays glued to the tv screen, allowing himself to be influenced by the winds of change. Martin Luther King’s speeches and dreams of a better life have armoured Frits with courage and the desire for rebellion. When the headmaster steps over the line during punishing Frits, the boy takes up battle against the authorities.

The story is based on actual events.

يشعر فريتز , التلميذ ذو الثلاث و العشرين ربيعاً, بالكراهية لمدير مدرسته, كان ذلك في عام 1969 حينما ألقى مارتن لوثر كينغ خطابه حالماً بحياة أفضل, هذا الخطاب أعطى الحماس و الرغبة في الثورة و العصيان لفريتز.(10+)


A Family (Denmark, 2011) عائلة ( الدنمارك , 2011 )

2011/ 102min
Director: Pernille Fisher Christensen
DVD (English + Arabic subtitles)


Ditte represents the youngest generation of a famous family of bakers, but her own dreams pull her in a different direction. She wants to travel the world and live her life to the fullest and when she’s offered a dream job in New York she’s on the fast track to success.That is, until her father becomes seriously ill and Ditte finds herself forced to call off the move to New York to stay by his side. Before she knows it, she has pu the whole life she envisioned with her boyfriend at stake. Now, Ditte faces a choice between pursuing her dreams with her boyfriend or staying at home to pick up the pieces of her disintegrating family.

All of a sudden, life is not so simple anymore.

دايتي تمثل الجيل الأصغر لعائلة مشهورة من الخبازين. لأكن أحلامها الخاصة تجرها إلى إتجاه آخر . عند مرض والدها تجد دايتي نفسها مجبرة على ترك أحلامها للبقاء بجانبه. (18+)


Applause (Denmark, 2009) تصفيق ( الدنمارك , 2009)

2009/ 85 min
Director: Martin P. Zandvliet
DVD (English + Arabic subtitles)


Critically acclaimed actress Thea Barfoed has gone through turmoil which has resulted in a divorce and the loss of custody of her two boys. She now wants to break with the past, regain control over her life and get her children back. Her ex-husband Christian is quickly persuaded by her tough and manipulative but charming personality and she must prove to both herself and him that she is capable of getting her life back on track. As Thea is up against the rigorous demands of stage life and a past that haunts her, she must face her inner demons while clinging to the goal she has set for herself.

ثيا بارفود , ممثلة مُنتَقدة بشدة , تدخل في إضطراب يؤدي إلى طلاقها وخسارة حضانة ولدَيها. لِطيّ صفحة الماضي , على ثيا مواجهة مخاوفها الداخلية و التشبث بالهدف الذي رسمته لنفسها.(18+)


Mother of Mine (Finland, 2005) أم المنجم ( أمي ) ( فلندا , 2005 )

2005/111 min
Director: Klaus Härö
DVD (English subtitles)


The war breaks out and nine-year-old Eero’s father is killed at the front. Widowed and broken by grief, Eero’s mother is unable to look after her son. She sends him in refuge to Sweden, a neutral country whose welfare is untouched by the war.Life in a foreign country doesn’t however get off on a good start. Eero doesn’t seem to match the expectations of the Swedish family and austere Everyone around Eero speaks Swedish and he ends up living in a disconnected world of his own. Little by little Eero becomes part of the new family and Signe becomes his mother.But the war ends and the children must return to Finland. Once again Eero has to leave his home and start all over again. The scars of war have to be buried in the past.

تشتعل الحرب ويهرب إيرو ذو 9 سنوات كلاجئ إلى السويد , يعتاد شيئاً فشيئاً على الحياة الجديدة و تصبح سيغنه أمه , لكن عند نهاية الحرب , يبدأ كل شيء بالتغير من جديد.


Once Upon a Time in the North (Finland, 2012) كان يا مكان في الشمال ( كان فيما مضى في الشمال ) ( فلندا , 2012 )

2012/128 min
Director: JP Silli
DVD (English + Arabic subtitles)


19th century. In the plainlands of Ostrobothnia, Western Finland, a tradition prevails, according to which the first-born son inherits everything and the remaining offspring must fend for themselves. The law has been cast aside in many areas and groups of men, knife-wielding thugs, nicknamed “toughs”, control the fields. The blade rules the land. The Välitalo household and farm are vast and affluent. There are two sons in the household. The younger son MATTI is an upstanding man fit to inherit the farm, and secretly engaged to a young woman named AINO from the neighbouring farm. The older brother is ESKO a bum, the leader of toughs, who is said to have killed several men. The father of the brothers makes a difficult decision and chooses to will his farm against tradition, not to his first-born son, but to Matti, the younger son. When Esko hears about the will, all hell breaks loose

في القرن التاسع عشر في غرب فلندا , حيث كان القانون يُنتهك على يد عصابات الخناجر , يتنازع أخوان على ميراثهم و على
إستمالة فتاة شابة . (18+)


Sebbe (Sweden, 2010) سيبي

2010/80 min
Director: Babak Najafi
DCP (Arabic subtitles)


Sebbe is an intrusive story about fifteen year old Sebastian’s hard struggle for identity and self-worth. The story takes place in a worn down concrete suburb where Sebastian lives alone with his mother who also is trying to survive. In Sebbe debutant feature film Director Babak Najafi studies the vulnerable nature of love and creativity and the mechanisms that trigger deadly violence among children and youth.

الفلم “سيبي” قصة مثيرة للفضول عن الولد سيباستيان, عمره 15 سنة, و صراعه الصعب من أجل اكتشاف هويته و أهميته.تدور القصة في ضاحية من الأسمنت التي يعيش فيها سيباستيان لوحده مع أمه التي تحاول البقاء على قيد الحياة.
المخرج السنيمائي بابك نجافي في الفلم جوهر الحب و الإبداع و الأسباب التي تؤدّي إلى العنف المميت بين الشباب.


Ice Dragon (Sweden, 2012) (و حيتان تائهة مغامرة عن شجاعة و صداقة) تنين الثلج

2012/77 min
Children, adults
Director: Martin Högdahl, Håkan Bjerking
DVD (English subtitles)


Mik (11) is kind of an odd kid with big ears who lives in a tower block suburb of Stockholm, with his older brother Tony whom he loves more than anything in the world and their alcoholic dad who used to be a drummer in a hard rock band. Mik hates dogs but likes whales, hard rock and drawing. He’s heard that whales cry when they get lost. When Mik is all alone he thinks he can hear whales crying. One day, Social Services decide that Mik has to be temporarily placed with his bohemian aunt Lena in Selet, a Small community located in breathtaking northern Sweden with only twelve kids in the whole school. At first when Mik arrives in Selet, all he wants to do is to leave, but slowly he settles in and is drawn into new adventures. He makes friends with Bengt and Bertil, two brothers who live next door to each other but who haven’t spoken for over 30 years – without being able to remember why. Bengt teaches Mik how to fish for “Ice Dragons” (a nickname for “pikes”).

At school, Mik meets Pi. She’s making his world spin and the snow melt beneath his feet. Together with Pi and his new friends Filip and Oskar, Mik begins to discover all the adventurous possibilities of Selet. They start a cat factory, plan the making of an Ice Dragon-raft. Everything is turning around for Mik and he feels at home at last.

But everything changes when Social Services return to inform him that they have found a functional foster family for him. Against his will, Mik is forced to leave Selet and his big love and friends. After being badly treated by the foster family, Mik decides to run away and goes back to Selet only to find himself hotly sought after by the Social Services. Left without other alternatives, Mik, Pi and their friends pack their belongings into the Ice Dragon and head for a wild ride into the horizon…

ميك يعيش مع أخيه الكبير و مع والدهم المدمن على الكحول. ميك يكره الكلاب لكنه يحب الحيتان و موسيقى الروك و الرسم.ذات يوم قرر مكتب الخدمات الاجتماعيةأن يضع ميك مؤقتا عند عمته البوهيمية لينا الساكنة في مدينة سيليت, مجتمع صغير في شمال السويد جذاب للنظر. عندما يصل إلى هذه المدينة, يريد ميك أن يغادر سيليت, و لكنه يستقر فيها ببطء و ثم ينغمس في مغامرات و يصادق رجلين بيجت و بيرتيل.يعلّم بيجت ميك صيد “تنين الثلج” (لقب سمك الرمح). لكن عالمه ينقلب عندما يعود مكتب الخدمات الاجتماعية و يخبره إنه وجد له أسرة حاضنة حميمة.يضطر ميك رغم أنفه أن يغادر مدينة سيليت, تاركاٌحياته خلفه…


Sound of Noise (Sweden, 2010) صوت الضجّة

2010/102 min
Director: Ola Simonsson, Johannes Stjärne Nilsson
DCP (Arabic subtitles)


Police officer Amadeus Warnebring was born into a musical family with a long history of famous musicians. He hates music.

His life is thrown into chaos when a group of six excentric drummers decides to launch a musical attack using the city as their instrument.

To capture the serial musicians, Warnebring must enter the world he has spent his entire life fleeing – the frightening world of rhythm and music.

ولد ضابط الشرطة أماديوس وارنيبرين في عائلة موسيقية, لديها تاريخ طويل من موسيقيين مشهورين. يكره أماديوس الموسيقى. تنقلب حياته عندما يقرر 6 طبّالين إطلاق هجوم موسيقي باستخدام المدينة كسلاح. لاعتقال الموسيقيين, أماديوس يجب أنْ يدخل العالم الذي تجنبه كل حياته ـ العالم الإيقاعي الموسيقي المخيف.