Many languages are spoken in Palestine. The official language of Palestine is Arabic, but English is widely spoken – especially in the major towns and cities. Hebrew, French, German and Spanish are also spoken by many Palestinians but to a lesser extent.

Here are a few useful words and phrases to get you started:

Yes Na’am
No Laa
Please Min fadlak (to a man)
Min fadlik (to a woman)
Thank you Shukran
You’re welcome Afwan
Hello Marhaba
Goodbye Ma’asalameh
What is your name? Shoo ismek?
Please Lao samaht
Excuse me ‘An iznek
What time is it? Edesh el sa’aa?
How much? Addeysh?
I don’t speak Arabic Ana laa ahkee Arabee
One Waahid
Two Tinain
Three Talaateh
Four Arba’a
Five Khamseh
Six Sitteh
Seven Sab’a
Eight Tamenyeh
Nine Tis’a
Ten ‘Ashra
Left Shmaal
Right Yameen
Straight Dughree