About Visit Palestine Center

Visit Palestine Center, located in a beautifully renovated 200 year old building, is an offspring of the startup www.visitpalestine.ps that brought Palestine to the world wide web. It hosts a Tourist Information Center that works to promote and support the tourism industry in Palestine and offers travel information, tourism services and walking tours of high quality, e.g. Bethlehem Quarters, Bethlehem area and Battir. The center also houses a Boutique Gift Shop offering a wide assortment of products made in Palestine and a restaurant (DAJO) famous for its outdoor terrace, its fresh salads and tasty sandwiches served with warm kindness.

Visit Palestine Center is located in one of the buildings of the old quarters of Bethlehem next to St. Joseph School and faces the Central Bus Station (al-Mujama’a). It can be accessed from Manger Street.

How to get to the Visit Palestine Center?

From Jerusalem:

Option 1: Take bus 234 from the Bus Station next to Damascus Gate to the Rachel’s Tomb Checkpoint and cross the checkpoint on foot. The walk from the checkpoint to our center will take around 30 minutes (around 2 km). There are also taxis waiting right after the checkpoint.

Option 2: Take bus 231 from the Bus Station next to Damascus Gate that will take you through Beit Jala to Bab Zukak junction in Bethlehem. From there follow Pope Paul VI Street toward the Old City, turning onto Star Street, take the stairs down to our center (see the map; ~15 minute walk) or take a taxi that will most likely follow Manger Street. Taxis are usually waiting next to the Bab Zukak bus stop.

From Ramallah:

Take a shared taxi from Central Bus Station in Ramallah to Central Bus Station in Bethlehem. Cross the street and take stairs up.