Experience Palestine

Throughout the millennia, Palestine has been the platform for the interaction between diverse cultures and civilizations and has functioned as a bridge between Eastern and Western societies.

Palestine, the Holy Land, the land of many narratives, contrasts, layers and textures has been for centuries the object of rivalry between world powers. This has been, and continues to be, an important route of migration and encounter for diverse cultures over several millennia. All these elements contributed to create an extremely rich cultural diversity.

Palestinians are ethnically and religiously diverse. Since the term “Philistine” became a point of reference more and 3,000 years ago, Palestinians have distinguished themselves by their ability to adapt and to absorb other cultures, ethnic groups and even religious identities. Although today the vast majority define themselves as Arabs many are ethnic mélange.

The cultural scene is rich and active. On any given day there are cultural events taking place in one of the cities. Ramallah, Bethlehem and Jerusalem for examples have dozens of cultural centers museums and theatres. Furthermore, there are several annual festivals that take place across Palestine such as the Annual Jerusalem Music Festival, the Artas Lettuce Festival, the Olive Harvest Festivals and many more.

Cultural and alternative tourism are quickly growing in Palestine. Institutions such as the Alternative Tourism Group (ATG) or the Palestinian Association for Cultural Exchange (PACE) and the Siraj Center for Holy Land Studies are among the active organizations promoting alternative and responsible tourism to Palestine.