What are we actually building?

We Palestinians are building a country for ourselves. We are a people determined to control our own future, to enjoy full protection of our rights, and to live under an authority accountable to us. In order to achieve this we must lay the foundations of a state. To learn more about our efforts, click on the tabs above.

Who are the people in the videos?

The videos present three of Palestine’s many productive entrepreneurs. They run the kind of successful, family-owned small business that keeps the Palestinian economy alive in difficult times. Each believes that successful, honest businesses are fundamental to building a sustainable and prosperous Palestine.

Will you make more videos?

Yes. The videos you see here are the first set of a series that will introduce visitors to the variety of people and places Palestine has to offer. This set focuses on entrepreneurialism, and the next will highlight another important aspect of Palestinian society. We have a few ideas of what else we could film, but we are looking for more. If you have suggestions click here to send us an email.


Katia Sakakini and her brothers Sari and Saleem founded Orjuwan Lounge in Ramallah in 2009. Raising the capital to open the restaurant required the three young entrepreneurs to take out loans, but a chance to show the world that Palestine could offer a world-class dining experience was worth the risk. Orjuwan’s skilled chefs combine ingredients of traditional Mediterranean cuisine from Palestine and Italy into delicious offerings that give new life to classic dishes. Check out www.orjuwanlounge.com for more information.

Taybeh Brewery

Nadim Khoury is the brewmaster at Taybeh Brewing Company in Taybeh, Palestine. He lived with his family in Boston, Massachusetts for fourteen years and returned to his homeland in 1994 to found the first Palestinian brewery with his brother David Khoury. Taybeh has won numerous awards at international beer-tasting competitions, and often surprises visiting beer connoisseurs, who don’t expect such a refined flavor from a Middle Eastern beer. To schedule a visit, call +970-2-289-8868.

Educational Bookshop

Mahmoud Muna is the coordinator for events and public relations at the Educational Bookshop; established by his family in Jerusalem in 1986. The bookshop prides itself on its selection of books on Middle Eastern politics, culture, and language, subjects that are particularly important in city where identity and history mean so much. The cafe-bookshop the family opened in 2009 is extremely popular with students and internationals looking for a comfortable place to read or work. You can learn more by visiting www.educationalbookshop.com.