Brief Intro to Palestine

Amazing, Diverse Palestine is a Wonder to Visit

Here is a brief intro to Palestine – Palestine is one of the most amazing places on the earth. It is a country where notable religious figures of Christians, Muslims and Jews once walked on earth including Jesus Christ, Mohamed the Prophet and King David. Here are some tips to enhance the experience in Palestine.

Before beginning the unforgettable visit to Palestine, take time and research the area. Learn about the history of various cities in Palestine including Jerusalem , Jericho, Hebron, Ramallah and Gaza. This valuable information will give added distinction to the trip and make it more exciting. Keep in mind that one religious site or marker does not usually define a location. People usually associate Bethlehem with the birth of Jesus Christ and the Church of the Nativity, but there is so much more to be discovered in the town. Other areas of interest include the Addar Cultural and Conference Center and the Bethlehem Peace Center. Bethlehem is known for many interesting cafes and shops that celebrate Bethlehem and the surrounding area. To Christian pilgrims, the city of Hebron, which is known to locals as Al Khalil, may not seem very exciting, but after researching the area and reading the Bible, they will learn that Abraham was buried there and King David ruled the area before reigning in Jerusalem. The city is abundant with life and vitality with shops of all kinds selling various wares including olive wood, fruits, pastries, glass and much more.

Bartering culture

When traveling in Palestine, it is vital for visitors to understand that bartering for merchandise is part of the experience. For some, it may seem like a scary thing and that vendors will try to take advantage of them. That is not the case. Vendors will try to get the best price they can for their wares while tourists will try to get the cheapest price they can. The compromise is found in bartering for a price that satisfies both parties. Bartering does take some time to get used to, but it makes the experience in Palestine enriching as tourists are following one of the oldest customs in the area in buying and selling merchandise. If the bartering does not go well and the price is still too high on a manager scene made out of handcrafted olive wood, do not panic. There are many vendors that sell similar products and one is sure to find the right price somewhere else.

On a similar note, tourists need to be aware of how much money that they possess while visiting Palestine or any other area in the world. Have a good idea of how much money is in the wallet or purse. Do not spend time digging for spare change or an extra dollar bill in public areas. This only brings unwanted attention, just as it would for someone who were to do the same thing in a public area of a major city in the United States. In addition to this, vendors will accept American bills, but they do not accept American coins because coins are difficult to convert to a different currency. Of course should the worst happen ensuring that you have adequate insurance cover in place by way of annual travel insurance will help protect you against all eventualities. Depending on where you are traveling from it is worth finding out from your provider whether you need any additional cover whilst in Palestine or if there is anything you need to be aware of that could invalidate your policy.

Clothing advice

For families, couples or individuals who traveling to Palestine, it is important to find out what is appropriate clothing to wear while on the tour. Shorts, t-shirts and other types of clothing are highly discouraged because they are disrespectful to individuals and certain religions. In addition to this, keep in mind that when visiting religious sites of different religions, there will be different requirements on entering them. Each religion sees holiness from their unique perspective. When visiting a mosque, one must take their shoes off. When visiting a Christian church, one must take their hat off. When visiting a Jewish holy site, men must cover their heads. If they do not have a covering, a Yakama will be provided for them. When visiting such religious sites, do not get frustrated at these rules, but recognize that each religious site is asking for respect of their facility as a holy place.
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Traveling to Palestine is an unforgettable experience with memories that will last a lifetime. Keeping these tips in mind will enhance the overall visit in this wondrous part of the world. Palestine is a great place for people to visit.