muin BseisoPersonal Info

Years in active : From 1946 To 1984
Country of resident : United Kingdom
City : London
Gender : Male
Date of birth : 10/10/1926


He was a Palestinian poet who lived in Egypt, where he first entered the world of poetry. He finished his primary and secondary education in Gaza in 1948. He started publishing his work in the Jaffa-based magazine Al-Hurriya (translated: Liberty), where he published his first poems in 1946. Two years later, in 1948, he enrolled in the American University in Cairo and subsequently graduated in 1952.

His dissertation was titled “The Spoken or Head Word in Lower Eastern Broadcast Media”, discussing the borders between the radio and the TV on one hand and the printed newspaper media on the other hand. He became involved with democratic and national work early on in his life and later dedicated himself to poetry and teaching. On January 27, 1952 he published his first work titled Al-Ma’raka ( المعركة‎) (translated: The Battle). Imprisoned in Egyptian jails twice: 1955 to 1957 and 1959 to 1963. He died due to heart failure in London in 1984.

Achievements and Awards

His works have been translated to English, French, German, Russian, Azeri, Uzbek, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Persian.

Mu’in Bseiso was awarded the international Lotus prize and was the vice Editor in Chief of the Lotus magazine issued by the Afro-Asian Writers’ Association.

Additionally, he was the recipient of the Palestinian Dir’ Al-Thawra (translated: Revolution Shield).

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