Al Kamandjâti Festival


FRIDAY APRIL 12TH > SATURDAY APRIL 27TH 2019, one of the official Travel Partners of the The Musical Journey – Al Kamandjâti Festival, is ready to help you plan and make the best of your trip. Find below useful information and in case of any questions or need for assistance please contact plans to help you to get to the events and will provide tours of the areas where the events will happen… These probably will be: Bethlehem Old Quarter Tour,  Cultural tours of Ramallah and towns in the North, Hikes around Jericho and Arab Al-Rashayaida. Stay tuned for the detailed program!


About the Musical Journey – Al Kamandjâti Festival


Al Kamandjâti non-profit organization has the pleasure to invite you to celebrate spring and join a very special musical and spiritual journey in Palestine travelling through cities and villages. Al Kamandjâti Association contact:


15-day tour through the sacred land of Palestine
From North to South, Palestinian ancient heritage will reveal its secrets of art and history through alternative visits designed by our tourism partners. The festival will make stopovers in Jericho, Jerusalem, Ramallah, Bani Zeid, and Gaza.

A special journey through music & sacred traditions
Al Kamandjâti Festival has invited musicians, thinkers and calligraphers from all over the world: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Irak, Kuwait, Azerbaijan, Indonesia… and from Palestine ofcourse!

An ambitious and rich program for this edition
Under the artistic direction of Alain Weber, an expert in the
field of traditional music in charge of the Fes World Sacred
Music Festival among others, this event brings together on the
same platform concerts, improvised musical encounters,
performances especially designed for the festival, public
readings, lectures and sustainable guided tours.

Highlight of the itinerary, the thrilling Jerusalem
The festival will be taking place at the most important heritage
sites of Jerusalem in order to celebrate its selection by ISESCO
as capital of Islamic culture for 2019, together with 3 other
cities. It will be the occasion for a tremendous insight of the
fervent city where the monotheistic religions take their roots, in
both its contemporary issues and its incredibly rich legacy.

Dhikr & Sufi nights around “Al Nabi Mousa Mawsem”
The Mawsem of Al Nabi Mousa is a seven-day long pilgrimage
that belongs to the religious and popular heritage of the city
of Jerusalem. Palestinians from the whole country were used
to gather some days before the start of the Mawsem in the
old city of Jerusalem, before starting the celebrations and
their walk to Al Nabi Mousa while brandishing their flags. And
the festival will celebrate the Mawsem there with Dhikr and Sufi nights from April 8th to 11th.


Get to know a few artists invited in April 2019!

 Daoud Khan (Afghanistan):
DuOud (Algeria/Tunisia):
Firdaous Ensemble (Spain):
Julien Breton, light calligrapher (France):
Ingie (Azerbaijan) –
Jerusalem Sufi ensemble (Palestine) – ist=PL –
Salman el Ammari and el Mass ensemble (Kuwait) –


Some Practical Information on Traveling to Palestine




For practical information about our destination (electricity, climate, currencies etc…) please check out the General Information section.

Do I need a visa to travel to Israel/Palestine?

That depends on where you are from. You do not need a visa for Palestine, but as you have to travel through Israel to get to Palestine you might need a visa for Israel. EU and US citizens automatically get a 3-month visa upon arrival to Israel, but see here for more information: Carry your visa and passport at all times during your stay.

From Amman you can take a taxi or bus to the Allenby Border Crossing, which takes a good couple of hours to pass. From the Palestinian side – controlled by Israeli authorities – of the crossing you can take the Palestinian shuttles busses to Jericho and then collective taxi (orange van) to Bethlehem – the van will drive only when all the seats are reserved or if some passengers are willing to pay for the empty seats.

Taxi: You can of course take a taxi from the airport directly to Bethlehem. Be aware that only Palestinian drivers will take you into Bethlehem and that it will be more expensive. Agree on the price before you start driving. You can also take a taxi from Jerusalem. If you would like to arrange a private transport beforehand contact Visit Palestine Center at for assistance.

How do I get from Jerusalem to Bethlehem?

Read also this post to learn about various alternatives for traveling between Jerusalem and Bethlehem:

What is the official language in Palestine? Do they speak English?

Many people speak English very well. In Palestine the official language is Arabic.

Is it expensive?

You can live cheap on the world’s best hummus and falafel and at hostels and homestays and travel by local, public transportation just as you can live very expensively on expensive dinners, at the most expensive hotels and hire a private driver. In Palestine you can live on all budgets.

Where should I stay?

For various accommodation options browse our website – check “Where to Go” section or book them directly on

The schedule of the Festival and Tours related to the Festival are coming soon…