About VisitPalestine.ps Website:

[Information about Visit Palestine Center in Bethlehem follows further down the page]

VisitPalestine.ps website is Palestine’s premier online destination guide. It offers visitors a wide range of tools and information to help you plan and book your trip to Palestine.

Our newly launched website brings many new features and a vast array of information on the hundreds of sites and attractions across our destination. From descriptions and pictures to opening hours and locations, VisitPalestine.ps is your ideal platform to learn about the many treasures and attractions Palestine has to offer. Check: Where to Go section.

Our events section features updated listings of all the major events and festivals taking place across Palestine.

The site also includes online booking tools for both hotel booking and tours (daily tours, scheduled tours and private tours).



Our Mission:

  • To proactively promote Palestine as a viable and independent destination that is rich in religious, historical, cultural and natural treasures.
  • To provide visitors and potential visitors (foreign and locals) with a comprehensive online travel guide to help them plan and book their trips to and within Palestine.
  • To engage with potential visitors along every step of the their experience (trip planning, actual experience, post departure) through an intricate range of interconnected products and services
  • To support and promote the local tourism industry (directly and indirectly) through promoting Palestine as well as all the tourism service provider.

Who We Serve?

VisitPalestine attracts the interests of a wide and diverse range of valued audiences. In fact in designing our website and packaging our tourism offer, we hope to service a wide range of diverse visitors such as

  • Thousands of people from all over the world who are interested in or are planning their trip to Palestine
  • Locals and Expatriate living and working in Palestine
  • Local Tourism stakeholders (hotels, tour operators, guides etc…)
  • International travel agencies and tour operators promoting & selling the Holy Land as a destination
  • Churches and religious organizations from multiple denominations
  • Travel journalist and media
  • Palestine’s Diaspora community (especially in South America)

Why choose VisitPalestine.ps?

Are you planning a trip to Palestine and the Holy Land? Are you already in Palestine? Are you visiting on a Pilgrimage, a business trip, as part of a wider regional tour? Are you looking for leisure activities, day tours, cultural events, listing and opening hours?

We realize that planning a trip can be a time consuming task. We are here to make it simple…. Rather than surfing through endless websites, we offer the optimal solution by providing a centralized and comprehensive travel guide to Palestine. We incorporate quality and quantity into our multi-functional and dynamic online presence with fresh and up to date content and imagery. You can surf our site, plan and book online, or contact our listed service providers directly, or choose what interests you and have us do the planning and the booking for you.

About Visit Palestine Center in Bethlehem:

out-door-night1Visit Palestine Center, located in a beautifully renovated 200 year old building, is an offspring of the startup www.visitpalestine.ps that brought Palestine to the world wide web. Located just minutes from the Church of Nativity and Manger Square, it hosts a Tourist Information Center that works to promote and support the tourism industry in Palestine and offers travel information, tourism services and walking tours of high quality, e.g. Bethlehem Quarters, Bethlehem area and Battir. The center also houses a Boutique Gift Shop offering a wide assortment of products made in Palestine and a restaurant (DAJO) famous for its outdoor terrace, its fresh salads and tasty sandwiches served with warm kindness.


Visit Palestine Center is located in one of the buildings of the old quarters of Bethlehem next to St. Joseph School and faces the Central Bus Station (al-Mujama’a). It can be accessed from Manger Street. Read more…

Our Tourist Information Point:

Our Tourist Information Office is fully equipped to help plan and organize your trip to Palestine. With a multilingual staff, speaking nine languages, we’re ready to answer all of your questions about where to go, what to do, and how to get there.

Our Tourist Information Point should be your first stop in Bethlehem. Pass by to collect free maps, brochures, and flyers from attractions across Palestine.

Daily and Private Tour Booking Services:

We offer daily tours and private tours to towns and cities all over Palestine:

Book your private tour with one of the many qualified and licensed tour guides:

How to Book a tour:

  1. Directly at our Center in Bethlehem
  2. Online at www.visitpalestine.ps or via email info@visitpalestine.ps
  3. Over the phone: +970 -2-277 1992

Our Boutique Gift Shop

Our Boutique Gift Shop offers visitors a unique shopping experience, showcasing the beautiful traditions of Palestine. FVisit-Palestine-boutique-giftshop-1rom food to house wares to handicrafts, all of our products are MADE in PALESTINE by talented local craftspe
ople and artisans.

We feature products from over 60 producers from across Palestine, including home-based workshops, community-based organizations, traditional factories, and various non-profit organizations. All of our products have been carefully selected ensuring the highest quality and unique designs, making for a memorable gift or souvenir of your visit to Palestine.

We also bring Palestine right to your home, anywhere in the world. We offer convenient online shopping from our website, www.visitpalestine.ps, where visitors can browse the products featured in our gift shop, as well as items exclusively available online. All of our products are carefully packaged and conveniently shipped to your home or office. For special orders and inquiries, please send us an e-mail at info@visitpalestine.ps.

DAJO Restaurant

DAJO Restaurant is located in the building of Visit Palestine Center. It offers a quiet and relaxing place to enjoy a light meal or drink. Spend time on our beautiful outdoor garden terrace or in our indoor cave.