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Prisoners of Freedom Square (Asra Al Huriyeh)

» » » » Prisoners of Freedom Square (Asra Al Huriyeh)
Ramallah & Al Bireh

The Prisoners of Freedom Square is situated on Emile Habibi Street in the city of Ramallah, near the Mövenpick Hotel. It bears this name to emphasize the keenness of the Ramallah Municipality to keep the political prisoners’ issue present, in all its manifestations, in the conscience of the Palestinian people.

In the design of the Square, the Municipality took simplicity into account. The olive tree surrounded by white stones symbolizes the purity, justice, and authenticity of the prisoners’ cause. The roses at the edge of the Square symbolize hope in liberation, since the prisoners are roses themselves, who have paid the price for the liberation of Palestine with their freedom. The Square also includes a glass tower that expresses honor, pride, and lucidity.

The cause of the prisoners is one of the most critical issues for the Palestinian people in the course of its struggle to attain independence and freedom from Israeli occupation. Nearly a fifth of the Palestinian people (in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip) have been imprisoned at some point since the beginning of the Israeli occupation. Since 1967, the estimated number of detentions of Palestinians amounted to 800,000 cases for varying periods and in various ways.

During the Al Aqsa Intifada, which erupted in September 2000, the number of arrests reached over forty thousand. Nearly five thousand of those prisoners are still in prison. They are present in over 27 prisons, Israeli occupation army camps, and detention and interrogation centers.

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