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Ahmad Yasin Sqaure

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Ramallah & Al Bireh

Ahmad Yasin Sqaure - Ahmad Yassin was born in Al-Joura village in the district of Al-Majdal, south of the Gaza Strip. He took refuge in Gaza with his family after the 1948 War. He had a sporting accident in his youth leading to quadriplegia. He worked as an Arabic and Islamic Education teacher, then as a Khatib and teacher at Gaza mosques. Under Israeli rule he became a well known Khatib in the Gaza Strip for his strong arguments.

Ahmad Yassin Square is located in Block 10 Khallet Al-Adas, and is a roundabout with an area of 78 square meters. The idea of the design was based on one of the principles the martyr Ahmad Yaseen called for, which is the return of Palestinian refugees to their cities and villages. This idea was translated into a sculpture of the map of Palestine before the Nakba, showing the different districts such as Haifa, Jaffa, Lod, Bisan, and others.

The sculpture is covered with a layer of mosaic with different colors distinguishing the areas of the districts. The names of districts are shown in black mosaic. There is an olive tree (the miniature type) at the center of the sculpture signifying tradition and communication.

The Square also includes flower basins at gradual heights with the sculpture at the highest point. The design took into consideration not affecting the line of sight from all directions of the intersection.

Sheikh Ahmad Yassin (28 June 1925 – 22 March 2004) is one of the notable persons of Islamic Dawah in Palestine. He established and presided over the largest Islamic University, including the Islamic Finder, in Gaza. He is also the founder and was the leader of the Islamic Resistance Movement HAMAS until his death.

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