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Jerusalem Center for Arabic Music

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Phone Number: +972 2 6274774
Email: mkurd@yahoo.com
Fax Number: +972 2 6562469
P.O.Box 20334, Palestinian National Theater Compound, Salah Eddin Street, Jerusalem

Jerusalem Center for Arabic Music

Originating in 1986 as the Music Department of the Al-Hakawati Theater (now the Palestinian National Theater), the Jerusalem Center for Arabic Music was established as an independent non-profit organization in 1991. Its principal aim is to revive Arabic music and to make it an important part of contemporary Palestinian life.

The Center has made urban Palestinian music its central concern, with a clear focus on the city of Jerusalem. Its activities have centered around four key areas: the teaching of classical Arabic instruments and vocals, the establishment and training of different kinds of music ensembles (classical, urban, Sufi religious, modern, folkloric), the organization of concerts, both in Jerusalem and all over Palestine, of Arabic as well as western music (ranging from classical to jazz and various ethnic music traditions), and finally the establishment of a Music Library for both recordings of Palestinian music and books on music theory and history.

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