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Center for Jerusalem Studies

» » » » Center for Jerusalem Studies
Phone Number: +972 2 6287517
Fax Number: +972 2 6284920
P.O.Box 51000, Khan Tankaz, Suq Al-Qattanin, Old City, Jerusalem

Center for Jerusalem Studies

The Center for Jerusalem Studies was established in 1998, by Al-Quds University, in the Old City of Jerusalem.

The Center offers various programs for students of the University as well as others, mostly focusing on Jerusalem. It aims to provide knowledge and information about the history, culture, and uniqueness of Jerusalem, as well as raise awareness about the current situation the city finds itself in.

The Center currently acts as a “research forum” about Jerusalem, where the staff is constantly researching, teaching, and promoting the important topic of Jerusalem. One of the Center’s first projects was to create a website on the history of Jerusalem. This website was called the “Virtual Library”, and it invites people to view the city’s history through pilgrim texts, descriptions and photographs.

Recognizing the lack of cultural life in the Old City, the Center has initiated a “Revival of Culture” program to revive numerous holidays in the city, such as Ramadan, Christmas, and Easter. This program consists of performing, like theater and puppet shows for youth and children, as well as walking tours covering the entire city and its quarters, where historical, religious, and architectural knowledge will be relayed to the participants.

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