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Al Mamal Foundation

Phone Number: +972 2 6283457
Email: info@almamalfoundation.org
Fax Number: +972 2 6272312
Opening Hours: Monday - Friday: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
P.O. Box 14644, New Gate, Old City, Jerusalem

Al Mamal Foundation

Established in 1997, the Al Mamal Contemporary Art Foundation in Jerusalem aims to revive cultural life in Jerusalem by empowering, assisting, and encouraging community centers and youth clubs to conduct cultural programs and host cultural and artistic activities. They also work to establish a network of communication, co-ordination, and interaction amongst the different local centers, clubs, and institutions, and provide the community (and especially youth) with the opportunity to acquire interest, knowledge, and insight into different cultural and art fields. They do this by encouraging the community to create, promote, and disseminate cultural and artistic activities.

The Foundation also works to document and promote the work of local artists and offer them the opportunity to produce and present that work both locally and overseas, as well as to inform artists and interested and specialized individuals and organizations on contemporary cultural trends. In addition, the Foundation aims to keep the public informed and aware of cultural and artistic activities taking place in Palestine and abroad and to provide accommodation and work space for local and foreign artists, writers, intellectuals, thinkers, and others, thereby allowing them to devote time for artistic creation and exchange of ideas and experiences. Another aspect of the Foundation is their work to salvage old buildings in the old city of Jerusalem and utilize them for the benefit of the community.

To these ends, Al-Ma’mal is currently engaged in three important projects – The Jerusalem Network program, which envisages the presentation of concerts, art exhibitions, film screenings, theatrical performances, and other cultural events in a network of youth and community centers located in city neighborhoods normally deprived of arts activity; the Cultural Information Office program, which aims to provide the arts community and the general public with information on cultural and artistic activity and contemporary trends in the arts throughout Palestine and abroad; and the Artists-in-Residence program, which aims to provide accommodation and work space for visiting artists, writers, and intellectuals from Gaza, the West Bank and abroad, as well as a meeting point for them to exchange ideas and experiences with local artists, thus facilitating communication between Palestine and the outside.

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