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Old City Markets (Souqs)

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Old City Markets (Souqs)

Walking inside the Old City markets in an experience in and of itself. The scents, sounds, tastes, and sights reflect the diverse and rich cultural heritage of this ancient city.

One of the busiest and most picturesque markets is Khan al-Zeit, where shops and stands sell a wide assortment of foods used in traditional Palestinian cooking, particularly spices, herbs, dried fruits, coffee, and pastries.

Another famous market is the Cotton Market, or Souq al-Qattanin. It was the Mamluke Prince Sayf al-Din Tankiz who was mainly responsible for founding this beautiful little covered market in the heart of the Old City. Other markets inside the Old City include Souq al-Attarin, which is filled with clothing stores, and the traditional meat market, Souq al-Lahamin.

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