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Terra Sancta Museum – Via Dolorosa

» » » » Terra Sancta Museum – Via Dolorosa
Phone Number: +972 585502736
Email: info@proterrasancta.org or info@terrasanctamuseum.org
Opening Hours: Summer (April-September) 9:00 - 18:00; Winter (October-March) 9:00 - 17:00 . Entrance fee: 15 NIS
P.O.Box 186, Jerusalem

Terra Sancta Museum – Via Dolorosa

The recently opened Terra Sancta Museum – Via Dolorosa is a multimedia show on the Way of the Cross in Jerusalem. It is a must-visit for all pilgrims who want to fully experience the Way of the Cross, but also for visitors who are interested in the history of Jerusalem, from Herod time until today.

Visitors are immersed in an environment of lights, sounds, ambient noise, stories and animations, and transported back to the time of Jesus. The show has 3 phases:

  • A short, theatrical presentation of the archaeological fragments retrieved by the Franciscan fathers around the area of the Antonia Fortress – among them, part of a stone pavement called Lithostrotos, dating back to the Roman-Adrian period.
  • The story of the development of Jerusalem and the Via Dolorosa on a huge map of Jerusalem. Incredible animations take the visitors in a compelling journey back in time
  • The voices of the ancient pilgrims. They tell us about the long tradition of pilgrimages to the Holy Land that continues until today.


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