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Environmental Education Center

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Phone Number: +970 (02) 276 5574
Email: eec@p-ol.com
Talitha Kumi School Campus, Beit Jala

Environmental Education Center

The Environmental Education Center continued to develop the campus in Beit Jala since work first began in the late 1990s. The campus includes the botanical gardens, featuring native plants from Biblical as well as modern times. The center has established walking trails for bird watching and to educate visitors on native species of flora and fauna. An outdoor classroom is used for teaching visiting groups and classes about the Palestinian environment.

EEC's natural history museum includes over 2,500 specimens of birds, reptiles, mammals, and fossils, preserved for research and education purposes. This museum provides a unique experience for visiting groups and students to learn about the history of biological study, as well as the ability to observe some now-extinct or endangered species. The interactive environmental exhibition displays a variety of work produced by local students promoting environmental awareness and conservation.

The Talitha Kumi Bird Ringing and Monitoring Station, the Arab world’s first ringing station, has been in operation since 2000, observing bird migration trends through Palestine. The station provides a vital research location, as well as an opportunity for visitors to the center to observe and learn about birds in Palestine up close.

The EEC today receives visitors from local schools, community members, and international groups every year, who come to the center to learn about the environment in Palestine and issues regarding its protection. The center operates environmental clubs at schools in the West Bank in order to provide additional environmental education, foster creative thinking and leadership skills, and create opportunities for outdoor recreation. Educators from the center visit classrooms to discuss waste management, water conservation, and biodiversity. The EEC organizes volunteer clean-up and tree planting campaigns for schools and the community, as well as the National Weeks for Bird Ringing and Monitoring, the annual Olive Harvest Festival and Spring Festival, and an annual Palestinian Environmental Education and Awareness conference each December. These programs and events have enabled the EEC to reach more people each year, to promote greater awareness and understanding of environmental issues, and to encourage Palestinians and international partners to take responsibility for the care of the environment.

The EEC as a Program of the ELCJHL

As a program of the ELCJHL, the EEC works for reconciliation, justice, and wellbeing for all members of the community. The EEC’s vision for a healthy environment and environmentally-conscious population has led to the expansion of programs to a wide range of people from various religious, cultural, and socio-economic backgrounds. The EEC works for environmental justice for all of Palestine and its people.

As a program for all people, the EEC seeks to:

• Empower individuals and communities to take action for sustainable change.
• Support the community (particularly students, teachers, women, and graduate students) in developing a deeper understanding of the symbiotic relationship between humans and their environment.
• Promote local and global awareness of the economic, scientific, and cultural value of specific natural resources, ecosystems, and habitats.
• Provide a dynamic meeting place for students, teachers, and the public.

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