Ramallah Al-bireh private tour

//Ramallah Al-bireh private tour

Ramallah Al-bireh private tour

$90.00 per person

The twin cities of Ramallah and Al Bireh are located only 16 Km north of Jerusalem.
While these cities do not share in the wealth of religious shrines and sites as Jerusalem and Bethlehem, they still have so much to offer. Today Ramallah is Palestine economic and cultural Hub and despite the modern feel of the cities, there are lots of interesting historic and archeological sites to visit.

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Please note that the above price is per person. For private tour we require a minimum of 4 participants. Otherwise, you will be obliged to pay the full rate of $360 for the tour. Furthermore, and in order to confirm your booking, you will be charged a non-refundable fee of 15% upon tour confirmation. Remaining balance should be paid to the tour operators at beginning of your tour.

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Ramallah Al-bireh private tour

Introduction & Briefing Ramallah Al-bireh private tour: Short Orientation and distribution of relevant literature

  • Old City of al-Bireh: Al-Bireh was first founded by the Cannanites around 3.500 BC. The city has been built and rebuilt many times, today the old city offers its visitors many historical sites including: Al-Ain Mosque, Khan al-Bireh, Church of Holy Family, Omari Mosque.
  • Tel al-Nasbeh: The location of al-Bireh during the late Bronze and Iron Ages. Highlights: Old city walls, Crusader Church, Ottoman Khan.
  • Khirbet Shuwaikeh: Khirbat al-Shuwaikeh is another important center of the city during the Byzantine, early Islamic periods.
  • Old City of Ramallah “Ramallah al-Tahta”: The old city of Ramallah is full of historic buildings from 18th – 19th century. Highlights: Archeology Museum, Al-Kamandjati, Ottoman Court, Orthodox Church.
  • Manara Square: The lively new city center from which the main six streets of the two cities branch: Main Road (Rukab Str.), Jerusalem road, Nablus Road, Birzeit Road (Broadcasting Str.), Jaffa Road (Beitunia Str.), Court Road (Chiken Str.).
  • Mukataa: The Palestinian President’s headquarters and the resting place of the late president Yaser Arafat.


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