Nablus Sebastiya private tour

//Nablus Sebastiya private tour

Nablus Sebastiya private tour

$100.00 per person

Also known as the Uncrowned Queen of Palestine, Nablus is one of the oldest cities in world. Named by the Canaantes “shechem” and later called “Neapolis” by the Romans, Nablus today is one of the largest Palestinian cities.

Nablus’ rich history lies in its Old City with its distinct stone facades, beautiful architecture, narrow streets and old urban spaces. The population of the old city today number around 20,000. There are two churches, twelve mosques and a Samaritan synagogue in around the densely populated residential areas.

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Please note that the above price is per person. For private tour we require a minimum of 4 participants. Otherwise, you will be obliged to pay the full rate of $360 for the tour. Furthermore, and in order to confirm your booking, you will be charged a non-refundable fee of 15% upon tour confirmation. Remaining balance should be paid to the tour operators at beginning of your tour.

Upon confirmation, you will receive a confirmation email with the contact details of your tour operator.

Product Description

Nablus Sebastiya private tour

Introduction & Briefing Nablus Sebastiya private tour : Short Orientation and distribution of relevant literature

  • Jacob’s Well: A visit to the 4th century Greek Orthodox Church(Byzantine period). The 35 meter Well located inside the Church is believed to be where Jesus asked a Samaritan woman to draw water for him to drink.
  • Tell Balata (Shechem): Near Jacob’s Well lies the ancient Tell Balata archeological site. Excavations have uncovered an extensive collection of archeological remains indicating that it was first settled during the 5th century BC.
  • Old City of Nablus: Get the chance to explore the vibrant Old city of Nablus. Sites along the route include the famous Souq, the Grand Mosque, Turkish Bath, Al-Nimer Palace, a local soap factory, al-Khadra Mosque. While on tour, don’t forget to sample some of the famous Sweets from Nablus.
  • Mount Gerizim and the Samaritan Community: Rising some 500 meters and overlooking Nablus is Mount Gerizim, which is home to some 300 Samaritans.


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