Jenin Sebastiya private tour

//Jenin Sebastiya private tour

Jenin Sebastiya private tour

$100.00 per person

Located in the northern West Bank, the city of Jenin dates back to 2450 BC, was built by the Canaanites. Also known as the “Food Basket of Palestine”, a name attributed to the vast gardens and orchards surrounding the area. In fact, Jenin is part of what is known as the “Fertile Triangle”.

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Please note that the above price is per person. For private tour we require a minimum of 4 participants. Otherwise, you will be obliged to pay the full rate of $360 for the tour. Furthermore, and in order to confirm your booking, you will be charged a non-refundable fee of 15% upon tour confirmation. Remaining balance should be paid to the tour operators at beginning of your tour.

Upon confirmation, you will receive a confirmation email with the contact details of your tour operator.

Product Description

Jenin Sebastiya private tour

Introduction & Briefing to the Jenin Sebastiya Private Tour : Short Orientation and distribution of relevant literature

  • Village and Ruins of Sebastiya: Located some 12 km north of Nablus stand the ancient village of Sebastiya; the site of the ancient city of Samaria. Sebastia’s hilltop acropolis was the home of the biblical King Omri and his ill-fated family members, Ahab and Jezebel. There is evidence of at least six civilizations on the site, including significant Roman ruins.
  • The Bal’ameh Tunnel: Located at the northern entrance to Jenin, the famous Balameh tunnel dates back to the Bronze Age. he tunnel was originally cut during the Late Bronze – Early Iron Ages and used by city residents as a safe passage to access their water source.
  • Zababdeh: Dating back to Roman times the village has still remains of mosaics and vestiges from the Byzantine period. From these discoveries Zababdeh proves to have been a very famous Christian center influencing the whole area.
  • Jenin City Center, the Old City & the Refugee Camp: Experience Jenin vibrant city center. Explore the old city and visit the Jenin refugee Camp; One of the largest Refugee Camps in the West Bank. Visit the famous Freedom Theatre. Other highlights include the Tell Jenin and the Fatima Khatoum Mosque.
  • Burqin Church: Located some 3km West of Jenin is the Burqin Village. The Burqin Church is one of the oldest Churches in the Palestine and marks the spot where tradition has it Jesus , on his way to Jerusalem, passed by the village and miraculously healed the lepers there. The Church has been recently renovated and is now re-open to visitors.


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