About Palestine My Homeland Project



Palestine My Homeland is a project lead by VisitPalestine.ps and it aims to develop and strengthen the bond between Palestinian Diaspora and their homeland in Palestine through increased tourism, business linkages and other socio-economic development activities. The main objectives of the projects are:

  • Establishment of partnerships to mobilize, engage and motivate Palestinian Diaspora to take an active role in Palestine’s economic, social and cultural revitalization and state building.
  • Increase in number of Diaspora visitors to Palestine
  • Increase and engage the Diaspora on multiple socio-cultural, economic and business linkages
  • Create a sustainable model for developing Diaspora Tourism through strategic partnerships and alliances with specialized entities (ie Visit Palestine and selected participating tour operators)
  • Targeting 4 areas: United States, Chile, United Kingdom, Germany

VisitPalestine.ps will be partnering with key tourism associations and stakeholders while implementing the project.


The Palestinian Market Development Programme (PMDP) www.pmdp.ps, is funded by UKAid and European Union (EU) and implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of National Economy (MoNE) by DAI Europe with offices both in Ramallah and Gaza.

The programme has been designed to improve market systems and improve the competitiveness of the Palestinian private sector. PMDP aims to improve private sector competitiveness through technical assistance and matching grants. Additionally, PMDP will work on strengthening trade and investment linkages as well as linkages with the Palestinian Diaspora to play an active role in economic development in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.


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Travelling to Palestine?



or practical information about our destination (electricity, climate, currencies etc…) please check out the General Information section.

Do I need a visa to travel to Israel/Palestine?

That depends on where you are from. You do not need a visa for Palestine, but as you have to travel through Israel to get to Palestine you might need a visa for Israel. EU and US citizens automatically get a 3-month visa upon arrival to Israel, but see here for more information: http://www.doyouneedvisa.com/border/Israel. Carry your visa and passport at all times during your stay.

From Amman you can take a taxi or bus to the Allenby Border Crossing, which takes a good couple of hours to pass. From the Palestinian side – controlled by Israeli authorities – of the crossing you can take the Palestinian shuttles busses to Jericho and then collective taxi (orange van) to Bethlehem – the van will drive only when all the seats are reserved or if some passengers are willing to pay for the empty seats.

Taxi: You can of course take a taxi from the airport directly to Bethlehem. Be aware that only Palestinian drivers will take you into Bethlehem and that it will be more expensive. Agree on the price before you start driving. You can also take a taxi from Jerusalem. If you would like to arrange a private transport beforehand contact Visit Palestine Center at info@visitpalestine.ps for assistance.

How do I get from Jerusalem to Bethlehem?

Read also this post to learn about various alternatives for traveling between Jerusalem and Bethlehem: http://visitpalestine.ps/get-bethlehem-jerusalem/

What is the official language in Palestine? Do they speak English?

Many people speak English very well. In Palestine the official language is Arabic.

Is it expensive?

You can live cheap on the world’s best hummus and falafel and at hostels and homestays and travel by local, public transportation just as you can live very expensively on expensive dinners, at the most expensive hotels and hire a private driver. In Palestine you can live on all budgets.


Find tour operators:


For more detailed itineraries visit Holy Land Incoming Tour Operators Association (HLITOA) website.

1. Biblical Places Itinerary

Places to visit: Cana, House of Mary, Magdala, Capernaum, Tabgha, St. Peter’s Church, Mt. of Beatitudes, Baptism Site, Shepherds’ Fields, the Church of Nativity, Dominius Flevit, Garden of Gethsemane, Pool of Bethesda, Last Supper Room, The Via Dolorosa, Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Resurrection.

Fact Sheet

  • Kind of tour: Classical pilgrimage through the Holy Land (Israel/Palestine) combining the main pilgrimage sites and places for a faith-based audience.
  • Main target group: Faith-based pilgrims of all denominations (church visits can be adjusted according to individual affiliation);  parishes; religious and pious travelers without church affiliation.
  • Length of tour: 7 days / 6 nights.
  • Accommodation: Bethlehem, Jericho, Tiberias/Sea of Galilee, Nazareth, Bethlehem.
  • Accommodation level: Church guest houses of different levels (simple/basic to high standard); hotels of all standards; possibility of hostels/dormitories or campsites available e.g. for youth groups.
  • Best time of travel: Year-round; highly recommended for Christmas, Easter, Pentecost.
  • Best weather: March to May, September to mid-November.
  • Recommended group size: Any group size.
  • Requirements: None; general physical fitness recommended especially if hiking is included.

2. Follow the Lord on Ancient Paths Itinerary

A spiritual, faith-based, and Jesus-centered pilgrimage following ancient paths based on the life of the Lord as commemorated in the Gospels.

Facts Sheet:

  • Kind of tour: Bible-based pilgrimage combining meaningful places along the life of Jesus with time for meditation, contemplation, scripture study and worship.
  • Main target group: Spiritual pilgrims, religious and pious travelers seeking to “travel with the bible in their hands” and to (re-)discover the Christian message anew in its original landscape.
  • Length of tour: 10 days / 9 nights.
  • Accommodation: Nazareth, Jericho, Jerusalem; optional: Tiberias/Sea of Galilee, Bethlehem.
  • Accommodation level: Church guest houses of different levels (simple/basic to high standard); hotels of all standards; possibility of hostels/dormitories or campsites available e.g. for youth groups.
  • Best time of travel: Year-round; recommended especially for Christian holiday seasons (Christmas, Easter, Pentecost).
  • Best weather: March to May, September to mid-November.
  • Recommended group size: Tour is recommended for any group size.
  • Requirements: None; general physical fitness recommended especially if hiking is included.

3. Islamic Heritage Pilgrimage Tour

Tracing Muslim Faith between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River.

Islamic Sites in this itinerary: Qasr Hisham, Maqam An-Nabi Moussa, Haram Ash-Sharif, Al-Aqsa Mosque, Mosque of Qubbet al-Sakhra, Tomb of Rabiya Al-Adawiyya, Memorial of Mujir-e-Din Al-Hanbaly, Maqam An-Nabi Samuel, Mosque of An-Nabi Yunus bin Mata, Haram Al-Ibrahimi (Al-Khalil), Al-Jazzar Mosque, Maqam An-Nabi Jonah, Maqam Sheikh Ali As-Sayyid.

Facts Sheet:

  • Kind of tour: A tour dedicated to Muslim faith and Islamic heritage in the Holy Land combining well-known pilgrimage sites with lesser known shrines and monuments, and multiple tailoring options.
  • Main target group: Muslim pilgrims looking for an extension to their Hajj to Mecca or to the maqamat in Jordan; travelers interested in the Islamic heritage of the Holy Land.
  • Length of tour: 8 days / 7 nights.
  • Accommodation: Jerusalem, Jericho, Nazareth.
  • Accommodation level: Hotels of all categories.
  • Best time of travel: Year-round.
  • Best weather: Spring and autumn.
  • Recommended group size: This tour is suitable for any group size.
  • Requirements: None.

4. Holy Mountains in the Holy Land

The biblical story of salvation is as much a story of faith as it is the story of holy mountains. On this tour, you will sojourn the Holy Land from summit to summit, recalling their stories and traditions.

Fact Sheet:

  • Kind of tour: A 2-week trail along the mountains of the Holy Land for pilgrims with a love for hiking and nature.
  • Main target group: Pilgrims and religiously interested travelers with a love for hiking and nature.
  • Length of tour: 13 days / 12 nights.
  • Accommodation: Amman, Petra, Aqaba, Har Karkom Campsite, Jericho, Nazareth, Stela Maris Monastery, Jerusalem or Bethlehem.
  • Accommodation level: Overnight stays in hotels of preferred standard or church guest houses; Har Karkom Campsite.
  • Best time of travel: Spring, late summer and autumn
  • Best weather: Mid-March to early May, September to October.
  • Recommended group size: Tour is recommended especially for smaller groups but can be arranged for any group size.
  • Requirements: General physical fitness, particularly if the tour is done in summer.

5. The Masar Ibrahim al-Khalil

The Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil (Abraham Path) is a long-distance hiking trail that runs through the West Bank from the Mediterranean olive groves of the highlands of the north to the silence of the deserts in the south; from the area west of Jenin to the area south of the Sanctuary of Abraham (known in Arabic as Al-Haram Al-Ibrahimi) in the city of Hebron.

Fact Sheet:

  • Kind of tour: Hiking.
  • Main target group: Any traveler with a passion for nature, hiking, and an intimate way of traveling and getting into contact with locals.
  • Length of tour: One-day hikes to about 3 weeks (full 330km).
  • Accommodation level: Simple accommodation along the Masar including family homestays and guesthouses; hotel accommodation can be arranged.
  • Best time of travel: March to May and September to Mid-November.
  • Best weather: March to April, October.
  • Recommended group size: Individuals, families and groups (recommended up to 25).
  • Requirements: Physical fitness, hiking experience recommended.
  • Website: www.masaribrahim.ps.


Volunteer at Palestine my Homeland


Volunteer in Palestine!

Internship Opportunity at the Visit Palestine Center, Bethlehem Palestine

Volunteer at the Palestine My Homeland Project in Bethlehem at Visit Palestine Center (VisitPalestine.ps). Be a part of a team that is passionate about promoting Palestine among the Palestinian Diaspora. Spend up to three months in Palestine, travel the country, have a chance to meet your extended family and share your experience with others!

Click here for the Application Form.

Volunteer’s Profile:

  • Person of a Palestinian descent from Germany, United Kingdom, United States or South America
  • Fluent in English (written and spoken)
  • Experience in social media marketing and networking
  • Undergraduate student or having a Bachelors degree
  • Able to describe her/his experience (written form, photography, video)
  • Social and curious person eager to learn
  • Able to travel and spend  10-12 weeks in Palestine

Other credentials:

  • Experience with various social media channels
  • Having a personal blog / vlog
  • Active with an organization/s related to Palestine in their home country

Volunteer’s Tasks:

  • Promotion of Palestine as a destination among Palestinian Diaspora, e.g. activate and maintain social media channels targeting Diaspora audiences in the respective markets.
  • Documenting her/his time in Palestine as a sharable content (stories, videos, photos)
  • Identifying key players and partners from their country  
  • Provide translation support to Diaspora Unit and liaise with Diaspora Organizations establishing links and cooperation to support the Palestine My Homeland Project.

We Guarantee:

  • Accommodation in an apartment or at a host family in Bethlehem
  • Stipend for meals and transportation
  • Work Location will be at the Visit Palestine Center in Bethlehem
  • Travel expenses related to the project tasks

We Don’t Guarantee:

  • Travel Expenses to Palestine and Back to the country of origin
  • Travel Insurance

Click here for the Application Form. Interested applicants please complete the enclosed form and send to: info@visitpalestine.ps  with subject line: Palestine My Homeland Project.

Partner Organizations

We are currently working on establishing connections with various Palestinian Diaspora related organizations. If you would be interested in becoming one of our partners please contact us at info@visitpalestine.ps






About Palestine’s Diaspora

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