Despite the difficult political and economic conditions, “Jawwal” achieved successive and tangible accomplishments since its inception in 1999. “Jawwal” is the first cellular telecommunications company in Palestine; the company was chosen by more than 2.85 million subscribers in 2016.

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Our Success Story

“Our journey is culminated with successive achievements and accomplishments. We Overcome challenges, which gives our accomplishments a special character”. Abdul Majed Melhem General Manager.

By the end of 2007, “Jawwal” had more than one million subscribers, and exceeded two million subscribers in April of 2010. Today, “Jawwal” provides its services to more than 2,750,000 subscribers, after it proved its outstanding capability to create trustworthy, efficient and reliable relationship with the community by focusing on all segments and individuals.

Since its inception, “Jawwal” was able to achieve its goals in a very short period, with a 77% share of the Palestinian market, in addition to receiving the globally recognized Environmental Management System Certificate (ISO 14001) in 2004.

 With a wide network of 29 centers equipped with the highest standards, more than 1,000 major and secondary distributors, and more than 10,000 outlets in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, Jawwal accomplished the difficult mission and became the ‘right hand’ of its subscribers to stay connected with each other and conduct their businesses.

To keep you connected while abroad, “Jawwal” offers the international roaming service with more than 436 operators in more than 170 countries, with a 98% coverage rate in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

“Jawwal”’s accomplishments and achievements took place despite the difficult conditions and the various obstacles, due to its tremendous efforts and planned determination for success.

“Jawwal” entered one of the most competitive telecommunications markets in the Middle East, under the dominance of Israeli companies, and was determined to move forward and provide services to its subscribers, and reach a professional level in providing these services, parallel to those provided in European countries. 

At the end of 2001, the Israeli authorities detained the company’s equipment to hinder its growth and limit its network, which made “Jawwal” use data centers in London during 2005, to become the first cellular telecommunications company in the world that serve its subscribers through servers that are located thousands of miles away from its headquarters.

In addition, “Jawwal” operated with the minimal frequencies that any cellular telecommunications company can operate within, due to the refusal of the Israeli authorities to provide additional frequencies, particularly 3G frequencies.

Our journey was not easy, it is a result of years of determination and resilience to overcome all challenges, in which serving our subscribers and meeting their needs is a lifestyle at “Jawwal”.